Happy New Year Spirit Family

          Hi spirit family, welcome to 2015.
          I sincerely hope you have had a great Christmas break and a fabulous new year.
          Just wee up date for you from me.

          As we ended our shows last year we realised how exhausted we were so we decided to shut the door and rest.
          Well rest really hasn’t come into it.
          Friends and family decided to park up at my place for there summer holidays and of course to hang out with me as they don’t see me all that much during the year.
          So I’ve now named my home HOTEL KC as there’s been always someone here and they still are.
          It’s not a bad thing but trying to find a moment of solitude has been hard.

          A few things I’d like to share with you that are very personal but I believe you need to know so you understand why I’ve not been able to keep up.
          Firstly I’ve been in a custody battle for my little Jade and it’s still very much on going after 5 long hard years. It’s not been fun and it’s very hard when you love your kids so much and of course being a male makes it even harder.
          The system I believe has failed my Jade and more recently we discovered Jade has no sight in her left eye and we will be hard pressed to save it.
          So it’s been an emotional roller coaster.

          Then there’s my boy Javan, he lives in Gore and is working on a farm and loving it. I’m so proud of him. He recently came home for 10 days. We went fishing and drank a few beers as ya do with ya 20yr old son. His shout which made it so much better.
          However on the last night of his stay a Morepork flew into my home and landed on a big picture of Budda. He then flew onto the floor were I was kneeling as I was trying to guide him out side.
          The Morepork refused to go so I sat and had a wee talk with it.
          It then allowed me to gently pick him up, walk him outside, took a photo and then he flew off.

          The Morepork represents the Kitiaki. The highest sign from the Tupuna, the Ancestors.
          It is said that when one flys into your home that a family member will soon pass.

          The next day Javan and girlfriend left for the long drive back to Gore South Island.
          I said Jc, I know you don’t speed but watch out for cops.

          The next night as JC was driving along the S/I coast a cop did a U turn in front of him.
          JC had now were to go and hit the cop.
          The impact of 90kms into the side a cop car was not good.
          JC was trapped in the car and his GF was screaming with back pain.
          The cop was ok as all his air bags were set off, bit shaken but ok.
          The story goes on but JC and partner were cleared after a few days from hospital.

          JC then did an interview with a paper and had at the end of the interview said “someone was watching over us”.

          For me as a spiritual person I then realised it was the Kitiaki 2 nights before. I believe if that Morepork had not allowed me to pick him up then death would have occurred.
          Both JC and Holly had a very narrow escape and for the blessing of spirit watching over them I am truly grateful.
          Grateful for the signs and grateful for my kids lives.

          As a dad I lost it. It hit home and showed us how ways people you love could be taken from you.
          I cherish my loved ones everyday but now I cherish them a million times more as we just never know what’s to happen next.

          Anyway as we move into 2015 we have a list work to get done. We have BOOK 5 “TAKING THE JOURNEY” coming out in March and a nation wide tour with that.
          We have me teaching spiritual stuff on a cruise ship out of Australia.
          We have Soul Food shows in the planning along with workshops and retreats.
          We also have PRIVATE READINGS to be held in Kerikeri in the Far North but were still working on a location for that at this stage.

          So I guess another big year to come for us all.

          I hope you don’t mind me telling you about some of my personal life but I really want you to understand how stressful things are in my world.

          I’m no saint, I’m a human being experiencing the human culture just as much as you are.

          Much love and prayers