Inside the Medium – Book Tour


I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d write a book let alone four of them. This recent tour has been nothing short of amazing.
Inside the Medium hit number 2 in the first two days of sales and then NUMBER 1 at the end of the first week.
WOW, talk about blow my mind. It’s currently still at NUMBER 1 and that’s all thanks to the many dedicated readers and supporters around our beautiful New Zealand.

I’d like to take a moment to respectfully thank all the people who allowed us to put their stories in the book. Heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. Rachel, Erin & I have already seen results in many readers from reading your stories as they can relate and realise they are not alone when going through similar events.

To me this is what it’s all about. Healing each other with the power of words. After all the pen is mightier than the sword.
From that comes the love people feel from the stories in the book, they often take a moment share a tear or a giggle and send a good love vibration directly to the people involved in the story.
This is the power of love at it’s best.
I can say that those who allowed me to use their stories have begun to shine after such hard times and they can’t explain it.
Can you see how it works. Miracles all round which I think is a true blessing.

I’d like to be able to acknowledge a great number of people who I have met over this tour but there are so many that I can not thank you all personally.
However what I will say is that I managed to catch up with old friends and make new ones.
So many of you came to the book signings and to the book launch events and I am still in shock at the level of support for what spirit and I do as a team.
Some people would come to get there book signed and just start crying, some would just shake and others, well the cat got their tongues so it would seem. To me I hope I was able to make you feel at ease after meeting you and that the words that were written in your books have made a difference in your lives.

We had a lot of fun also with a number of laughs at the book launch evenings and a few extra stories were told.
I do hope in the future that you can make it to a SOUL FOOD SHOW in your area as this is the time to really connect with spirit and to share the love they have for you.
Remember they are never far away. We just have to sit still long enough to listen, to hear and to feel them. After all, your loved ones don’t turn into monsters once they have past.

A big SHOUT OUT to RACHEL DEWHURST from PENGUIN BOOKS who is the best publicist I’ve ever had the privledge to work with. Rachel was incredible with all the people who came to the book signings and has a very compassionate side to her. She also has a great Sense of humour which made our long days very interesting. I must say her driving skills need some work. After hitting 7 curbs she has now set the book tour record betting the previous records by 6. He he, the things I do to keep myself entertained in the car.

I’d also like to thank CAROL WILLIAMSON and JUDD DE LA ROCHE
from LIVING CORPORATION REAL-ESTATE in Mosgiel for all their positive support and amazing friendship. They are both truly inspirational people who have done so much for me during the course of putting the book together.

HOTEL WALSH IN TOKAMAURU PALMERSTON NORTH- THANKYOU Vick, Dave and Asti for your hospitality. The food, superb as always as were the hot water bottles in the cold weather. Not to mention the laughs. Cheers.

Erin McBride, for all the work she does behind the scenes.

Above all I’d like to thank you my readers and supporters. You have been fun, you have made me laugh and cry, given me hugs and shared so much.
A little boy came up to me at a book signing. He was with his grandma, he was only 6 and said “can you see my mummy too”
Instantly the emotion welled up inside of me and she appeared right next to him. “Yes I can she her” I said and she’s an angel. He replied she has beautiful wings ay.
I, holding back the tears for this wee boy talked about how pretty his mum is and how she will be with him forever.
His sad wee face from when he arrived in front of me had now gone and a big big smile and a bright glow surrounded him.
His grandmother, as I looked up to her was dripping with tears as was Rachel and the warehouse staff also.
Such a beautiful experience.
I had to continue signing other people’s books with tears in my eyes and a heart full of love and admiration for the wee boy.
That’s my job, that’s why I do it! For the experience of wonderful beautiful amazing little miracles like that.

I am grateful for all of your support and I will endeavor to work on book five.
THANKYOU so much
Warm regards and big hugs