Spirit Family

Hi Spirit Family

This year has been a big year and has certainly not been without its challenges. Most exciting, Kelvin got married to Rose – I am sure you join us in wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness together!

Some other big changes and adjustments occurred which has kept him and the team very busy! Kelvin was without a Personal Assistant for sometime and it has taken a lot to get up to date and keep up with the current work coming through. We know this has had an effect on the Spirit Family with delays experienced for our new Spirit Family Members who should have received or will receive their Spirit Family Joining Pack in the mail soon. We also understand we have let you down in regards to keeping the Spirit Family update to date with new information and so our extended apologies to you all. Kelvin has put together a studio with all his own cameras and reading room so he can create videos more regularly and will even invite guests to share their knowledge and experiences with you too. Having this studio will allow Kelvin to provide more for the Spirit Family with heaps of cool subjects to learn from moving forward.

Many of you will have already seen the 3 new videos added:

The first one is about Forgiveness which is certainly a massive subject and in this video Kelvin touches on a few areas such as holding onto ‘grudges’ or not being able to forgive oneself for not making in time to the hospital when a loved one was dying. Kelvin gives his point of view, which may help some people understand a different perspective
The second one is about a Spiritual understanding regarding pets, so in this video Kelvin explains how the bond of love between owner and pet remains.
The third video Kelvin shares his perspective on the Spiritual understanding of what ‘fear’ really is and how it can hold you back from reaching your potential of leading a fulfilling life.

We are pleased to let you know the team are also currently working on a new website that will be up-to-date and easier to view on mobile phones to support your learning on your spiritual journey.

Kelvin often talks about the challenges that life has put in front of him have made him stronger and he wouldn’t be who he is today without them. He believes what he has learned from these often very difficult experiences is not only part of his journey but has also had the benefit of enhancing his abilities as a Medium. So this year has given much to add to his tool belt and continuing to do so… Kelvin has been having serious issues with his spine and has suffered severe pain, which has resulted in him now having to undergo urgent surgery! This is a massive operation and will have Kelvin out of action for the rest of the year! We know this means a big disappointment to all the fans out there that have already bought tickets to his shows around New Zealand. These shows will be postponed to next year and we will notify all of the new dates.
Always with you

Kelvin Cruickshank