Merry Xmas Spirit Family

  • Merry Xmas Spirit Family
  • Merry Xmas Spirit Family
  • Merry Xmas Spirit Family
  • Merry Xmas Spirit Family

Hi there spirit family…

Wow what a crazy time of the year is.. so much happening before Christmas when we are all so tired.


So here’s the scoop for KC over 2016.

Firstly as you all know I won full custody of my beautiful daughter Jade last November.

This has seen me working hard at home and trying to get both Jade and I into the new routine.

Jade has excelled at school and is doing exceptionally well now being settled in one spot which is fantastic.


As for me this year has not only had busy at home but flat out with work too.

It started off with the launch of SOUL SECRETES which I hope your enjoying, if you have a copy.

Then the filming of Sensing Murder for yet another season in 2017.

I have been told it will be on tv2 in march.


That was very stressful and not because of the spirits but the living I found hard to deal with this time.


Then I ended up working in LA USA.

I help create a tv show called Haunted Hollywood which was working with real detectives and scientists. It was truely amazing and I loved every minute of it.

Was incredibly exciting and draining but I had the most epic experiences I’ve ever had whilst on crime scene.

The team there were so accepting and supportive.

I note that some reporters have claimed I’ve gone to the USA for he big money.

However I chose to go without being paid. Yes the tv people paid my flights and accomodation but that’s it.

For me it was an experience of a life time and an absolute pleasure to have been able to help people on the other side of the globe.

I sincerely hope I’ve made NZ proud cos I know I’m proud of the work spirit and myself achieved over there.

What a buzz.


Back to NZ and of course touring here at home.

I managed to meet a number of spirit family members whilst on the road this year.

Your all awesome and thanks for understanding me.

We have had all sold out shows this year and have worked non stop since January.

I’m pleased to say how neat it’s been meeting people and being able to be myself on stage without judgement.

Yeah there’s always some people you can’t please but in general it’s been full on and busy with spirit at the shows. I’ve enjoyed everyone of them this year.

I do believe I’m a lot more relaxed knowing my daughter is safe and after a 6 year battle and the stress of it all has vanished.

I have, as has Jade, my family and friends all been though a lot and we have done a lot of healing since.

Happiness has filled us all again and I could never have made it though without my mates.


So BOOK 7 is behind schedule a little but will be out in march 2017.

I’m thinking if you’d like to email us we will arrange for your book to get to you prior to release to the public so you can be the first to have one and at a discounted price too.

If ya keen let us know and we will make this happen.


Over the year we had a few issues with flights due to bad weather and a family emergency just a few weeks back which saw me cancel the last SOUL FOOD of 2016 to get the first plane home.

Thankfully all is well now and drama averted.


So what next for KC?

Well you already know Sensing Murder is coming back, book 7 out next year too.

What you don’t know is that we will be going back to the USA to make a full series. This will see us away a lot for filming but we will continue to work back home doing SOUL FOOD shows and most importantly for me being a dad.

There is one other massive project on the go too however I will inform you all of this when it’s all signed up. And it’s going to be insane ly amazing..


I have to shout out to Adele for being truely amazing.

Not only as my friend but for being the best operations manager ever. Adele I’m so blessed to have you in my life mate.

Your brilliant at your job and you are the best Aunty in the world.

This year Adele you gave me the best gift ever. You sat me down asked me about goals and we not only achieved them but surpassed them by a country mile.

You are an outstanding human being and I’m not the only person who knows this.

Jade and I love ya to bits and we wish you a brilliant Christmas and a great holiday.. you deserve it dels.

Thank you for everything.


And for all of you out there I understand some of you have been through health issues, loss of loved ones and a few stresses. Just remember everything happens the way it’s meant too.

We must all learn to flow with the current, not swim against it.

Be one with the universe and trust that we all have chosen well.

Highs and lows are all part of life, they are what hey are. Be at peace with the flow of your life.

Be grateful for ya friends and family and tell them often you love them.


I and my family ( Jade, Javan and Adele) all wish you a very merry Christmas and that your new year brings joy, harmony, adventure and love.


Always with you