Weekend Retreat QUEENSTOWN – New Zealand

Distinction Hotel – Nugget Point

FRIDAY, 2nd MAY – MONDAY, 5th MAY 2014

Kelvin Cruickshank will be holding a New Zealand Weekend Workshop Retreat.

The weekend will be held at Distinction Hotel Nugget Point Queenstown New Zealand…
Cost Per Person is $2000 NZD, this price includes all meals & accommodation.
A $500 Deposit will be required to secure your booking. This cost is for one person per room

The Programme

- Arrive Friday afternoon/evening- meet and greet then dinner
- After dinner – Spirit talk on meditation to prepare for the following morning.

- Early morning meditation
- Breakfast
- Spiritual learning Kelvin runs it the way spirit want it to happen
- Lunch
- Spiritual learning ( questions for Kelvin) end at 4pm have a couple of hours off before dinner
- Dinner
- Mini soul food a demonstration of readings.

- Early morning meditation
- Breakfast
- Spiritual learning
- Lunch
- Spiritual learning ( questions for Kc)
- Evening spirit talk in general and a few funny story’s from Kelvin, How funny Spirit can be.

- Breakfast
- Farewell to all…

Places limited to 20… so be quick.

During the weekend Kelvin will be focused on SPIRIT TALK and LEARNING based on a spiritual way of life.
Spirit Talk is an open forum for all to have an opportunity to ask as many questions about the way spirit connect, how it works, why do they come to connect with us and so much more.
Please remember that Kelvin will speak from his heart about what his beliefs are.
What you take from his knowledge is entirely up to you.
All subjects can be covered if you are prepared to ask the questions.

Kelvin is a motivator of people and through spirit can help your heart heal. Your life’s focus and goals after grief will come back with inspiration and words of wisdom from the higher realms.
Kelvin will also hold a mini soul food show were he will demonstrate the way spirit connect to the living by sharing his gift with you and explaining as he reads for the group.
Early morning mediations are a must.
Kelvin has been teaching meditation for 14 years and loves sharing his personal spiritual meditation techniques.
These meditations can be very emotional and sometimes difficult to get through.
So for us to connect to our spirit family we must first work through all our inner issues and then move into meditation. We will get through this stage and together as a group we can make a connection to the spirit world.
Kelvin will guide you through the hard stuff and he will take you on a journey to a beautiful place were the essence is pure love.
At the end of the weekend Kelvin will share with you some of the funnier experiences he’s had working with spirit over the years.
This is a light hearted part to the weekend which will show you that spirit always get what they want, even at times they can make the medium do and say silly things.
If your keen to learn about spiritually and would like to have a weekend away with like minded people, then join us here in New Zealand for the first time with INTERNATIONAL MEDIUM KELVIN CRUICKSHANK from TV2′s SENSING MURDER.
With such a busy schedule and limited time Kelvin will not be holding any individual readings, however during the course of the weekend when and if your spirit family make themselves known to him he will share that with you as they come to hand.

If you would like to join us for the weekend.
Contact Erin here