Kelvin Cruickshank Live Shows

An Evening with NZ Medium Kelvin Cruickshank.

Kelvin Cruickshank Live Shows

Passing on messages from people who have died and are in spirit is what I was put on this earth to do. However, since the incredible success of Sensing Murder there’s been such a great demand from people on this side wanting private readings that it is just not physically possible for me to do them anymore. I would love to be able to do a one-on-one reading for everyone who wants one but I’d be booked up solidly for the next couple of decades and I do need to have a life!
So the best way for me to be able to put people in touch with the loved ones they’ve lost – and also help them to understand how the afterlife works – is through my live shows, Soul Food.
During my Soul Food shows I can pass on dozens of messages – spirit willing – to people in the audience. Not only can these connections bring closure to someone in mourning but they can make them realise the bond with their loved one still exists, even if they are no longer in this world. Gaining that understanding is an amazing thing, and it is incredible for me to see how that affects the grieving person.
And even though I’ve been doing this for many years, it still blows me away to not only be able to connect people to their loved ones but to inspire them with positive messages about their day-to-day life, their past and possibly even their future. I love seeing your reactions!
When you come to my Soul Food shows, please come with an open heart and an open mind. I try to read for as many people as I possibly can but what happens on the night is up to spirit, not me. If there is a lot of expectation from the audience it can create a barrier. I can feel everyone’s desperation and that can actually make it harder to make connections with spirit. But if people are upbeat and open to whatever may happen, that makes things easier for me.
So relax, chill out and enjoy the show, and you never know – it could be your loved ones who show up. And even if they don’t, hopefully the evening will open your eyes to the fact those we’ve lost are now in the white light, and their spirit lives on.

What’s it like getting a reading at a Kelvin Cruickshank Live Show?

Here are a couple of people who came along to my shows, not sure what to expect – and actually feeling pretty sceptical, to be honest. They both got pretty amazing readings and I’ll let them tell you how it was for them in their words.

Vicky says:
“To be honest, I didn’t want to go to Kelvin’s show. I’ve never really believed in mediums, I was always quite sceptical.
Kelvin was talking to someone on stage that only he could see and it pretty quickly became clear to us, even me, that it had to be [my nephew] Quentin. Kelvin talked like Quentin, he even stood like him. It was incredible.
One of the first things he said was that Quentin was trying to sing to us and we all gasped. Singing was his thing. Then he said Quentin was trying to sing a Prince Tui Teka song and we laughed at that. That would be right!
The reading with Kelvin changed my whole way of thinking. I am a believer now.”

Tony says:
“I walked into the show feeling a little apprehensive. The venue was packed with women and there were only a handful of men, all looking like they had been ordered to attend with their wives.
As soon as the second half started Kelvin looked at me straight away… He mentioned to me that a beautiful girl was coming through… he said to us, “She died of suicide. Is this your daughter?”
We acknowledged, yes it was. Kelvin described her as being so beautiful, with wavy brown hair. All I could do was agree with all my heart – Antonia was beautiful.
Kelvin said, “What’s up with the mower? She is showing me a mower and a section and saying to sort it out.”
I laughed. Antonia used to mow our lawns with the ride-on mower and we had let the lawns to go to the pack recently.
Kelvin’s reading has provided our family with comfort and hope every day. He gave us a gift that night and to a degree some much need peace.”

* For more about Vicky and Tony’s readings, see my latest book, Inside The Medium