Spirit Family Members


Becoming a Spirit family member entitles you to…
30 videos on spiritual awareness.
Kelvin will guide you as you begin your spiritual journey in a safe and positive manner.
You can return to each video at anytime you choose.

You will automatically be in a monthly draw for a private reading via Skype or telephone with Kelvin.

Chances to win yourself a ticket to SOUL FOOD in your local area.
Members will be notified 2 weeks prior to the event.

Upon becoming part of Kelvins spirit family you will be posted a spirit family pen, viagra 60mg wrist band along with your spirit family membership card.

Enjoy the privacy of Kelvins Interactive Spirit Family blog.
Here you will love interacting with other family members sharing your stories and supporting each other through grief in a safe envoirment along with making new friends.

6 videos per year.
Kelvin will share his knowledge of the spirit world on video for members only. Each video will consist of a new topic regarding a spiritual way of life.