Spirit Family


Becoming a Spirit family member entitles you to…
30 videos on spiritual awareness.
Kelvin will guide you as you begin your spiritual journey in a safe and positive manner.
You can return to each video at anytime you choose.

You will automatically be in a monthly draw  to win yourself a ticket to SOUL FOOD in your local area.(New Zealand only.)
Members will be notified 2 weeks prior to the event.

Upon becoming part of Kelvins spirit family you will be posted a spirit family pen, wrist band along with your spirit family membership card. Please allow up to 10 days for these to be delivered.

Enjoy the privacy of Kelvins Interactive Spirit Family blog.

30 Videos
Kelvin will share his knowledge of the spirit world on video for members only. Each video will consist of a new topic regarding a spiritual way of life.

Setting the solid foundation and a safe environment to begin
Prayer, why is it so important within spiritual connection
Affirmations can be anything positive it’s up to you to choose which ones are right for you.
Opening to spirit and closing down to spirit…why is it so vital

The importance of discipline when using the spiritual path.
Discipline requires effort and focus.
Making an allocated time for spirit and yourself in order for you to connect.
Creating a safe non interrupted area
Why do we need self discipline  and what are the benefits of being consistent.

In order to feel, see and hear spirit one must understand thyself.
How am I feeling right now
Why am I feeling this way
Who am I truly
Once these things are understood I’ll show you how to separate from your own feelings therefore enabling you to feel and sense spirit. I call this the
“Box technique “

Going forward into oneself with meditation techniques and inspiration.
Creating your safe sanctuary to begin meditation
Why should we meditate
The benefits of meditation
Understanding how to find harmony and tranquility with in yourself with mediation
When meditating am I awake or asleep?

What spirit am I talking with, who is it.
How will I know they are from the light
Remembering what you’ve seen and experienced during mediation.
The signs, symbols in some cases can be confusing, I’ll show you to interpret them.
How to hear them, see them and understand their touch.

When we experience the love from spirit we will feel emotion. These are feelings and thoughts that can overwhelm us.
If we can accept their connection we can learn to let go knowing we can reconnect with them at anytime.
I’ll give you some key techniques to help heal your heart as we go through this process together.

Now Available – The Kelvin Cruickshank Spirit Family Membership – Thirty HD videos, Kelvins Personal Blog and more…. Details